The Skyscraper

Discover the Ncore 100 MAX by Cooler Master: a compact, high-performance addition to the MAX series. It offers advanced cooling, power solutions, and a small form factor with anodized aluminum panels. Accommodating up to 3.9 Slot GPU, it ensures compatibility with the latest processors, delivering unparalleled performance without sacrificing design. Experience versatility, compatibility and peak performance with the sleek, space-saving Ncore 100 MAX. Elevate your setup today!


Towering at 19 inches tall, 8 inches deep, and 6 inches wide, The Skyscraper comes in a stunning Dark Grey or Bronze finish.

Selecting your desired tier will take you to the customizer page and pre-select the parts associated with each tier. Make any changes desired, like case color or extra storage, then press 'Add to cart' and proceed with your purchase!

Choose your Performance Tier

  • Bronze

    The bronze level is a great choice for those looking for an entry level budget build, a retro gaming PC, or a home-theater PC.
    Don't be fooled into paying more that what you need.

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  • Silver

    The silver level is perfect for those who are looking for a nice bump in performance if they're playing more demanding games, editing higher quality content, or playing at higher resolutions/refresh rates.

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  • Gold

    The Gold level gets you a top tier PC that excels in gaming, streaming, and content creation.
    If you've got the budget, this tier gives you plenty of space to level up your resolution and refresh rate of your monitor.

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  • Platinum

    The platinum level offers the highest tier processor, graphics card, and components to ensure you get the absolute best experience in high resolution, high refresh rate gaming, content creation, and streaming.

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