About Us

Our startup story is pretty simple. It all started when founder and electronics enthusiast Colby Capps got into SFF (small form factor) PCs. As a DIYer, there were so many options to choose from. Recently, case manufacturers have stepped up their game and created a lot of impressive cases. Despite the large popularity of SFF, nobody among the large industry giants or boutique PC builders were really offering anything significant compared to what was available to DIYers.

So, like all great companies, Tesseræ was born out of a garage and basement full of parts and ideas.

Our passion drives us to be the #1 place people go to for both commercial and consumer SFF PCs, whether you're a gamer, composer, filmmaker, photographer, animator, or anything in-between.

Our industry leading 3-year parts and 5-year labor included warranty sets us apart from the competition, showing that we're in this for the long haul and believe in our products.